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Arunachal Pradesh HandicraftsArunachal Pradesh is famous for its cane and bamboo crafts colorful basket mats, cane belts, attractive Smoking Pipes, jewelery etc. Some of the tribes are very advanced weavers. The tribal use bark fibers extracted from trees, goat's hair and human hair besides cotton and wool for Weaving. They make ceremonial coats, shawls, embroidered cotton cloth, handbags, skirts, sashes, carpets etc. Here, animal figures, colorful masks and images of Lord Buddha are also made beautifully.

For their own use, the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh make various weapons and tools with metal. Each tribe specializes in making different items. Bows, arrow heads, knives, iron bracelets and jewelery items are some of them. Besides this, handicraft products made up of other metals like brass, bone, silver, gold etc. are also produced by the tribes. Some common products are ornaments, dishes, sacred bells, Smoking Pipes etc. Arunachal's handicraft is predominantly natural and is in great demand.