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Madhya Pradesh HandicraftsThe long heritage of tradition adds a highly distinctive and individualistic touch to the crafts of Madhya Pradesh. Textile weaving in Madhya Pradesh is as refined as the hand printing craft. Maheshwari saris are woven by Maheshwari craftsmen, Madhya Pradesh's craftsmen are equally adept at producing tassar silk hand loom fabrics, zari-embroidered articles and Carpet Weaving.

Gwalior's carpet industry has earned excellent reputation. Craftsmen at Gwalior produce striking articles, colored lacquer ware, bead craftsglass beads, wood, shell & white metal jewelry, terracotta figures and containers, rag dolls and toys. Gwalior's Batto Bai dolls, named after a craftswoman,measure some four to five feet in height. Made of bamboo, paper and rags the dolls are extremely popular. Craftsmen and workers in Madhya Pradesh, craft the most beautiful of bamboo ware. Tribal designs and motifs are the interesting features shared by a large number of crafts in Madhya Pradesh