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Meghalaya HandicraftsWeaving forms an integral part in the culture of Meghalaya's tribals , be it weaving of cane or cloth. The Khasis are famous for weaving cane mat, stools & baskets and is famous for its durability. Baskets, sleeping mats, winnowing fans and rain shields are manufactured using plaited bamboo and cane, they are mostly found in the rural areas. Jaintia fishing traps made of bamboo sticks are also famous for functional beauty.

The women garments are well decorated with depictions of beautiful flowers and butterflies, in various color combinations. The Khasi tribes also extract iron ore and then manufacture domestic knives, utensils and even guns and other warfare weapons using it. The cane bridges hanging over quick-flowing streams also testify to the superb craftsmanship of Khasi and Jaintia tribes.